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Kev Davidson - Withnellmoor Gundogs

Living in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire with my wife and youngest daughter Megan. I've been training/breeding gundogs full time professionally for the last 7 years since moving to Edencroft Boarding Kennels, Chipping. However, my involvement in gundogs have been for far too many years to mention!!!!

I have had a passion for all aspects of country pursuits since a very young age and as a kid, was probably the local game keepers worst night mare. I developed a natural progression to training and working gundogs. Which was driven further as I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train with some of the top gundog trainers in Lancashire and the UK. I was also able to put my skills to the strictest of tests on some of Lancashire’s most amazing shoots.

I work with all levels of handler from novice to experienced trainer. Although I concentrate mainly on the retriever and spaniel breeds my knowledge and skills span other gundog breeds for the shooting field and also enjoy giving support to clients wishing to enter into training with their gundog(s). I've the facilities for every aged gundog from the puppy field to my own walked up shoot based in the Ribble Valley. My clients and their gundog/s can gain valuable experience of their first shoot day whilst under our supervision. Other country pursuits that we provide are duck flighting and “walked up shooting” for teams of 8 guns, shooting pheasants partridge and ducks.

In my own time I've always enjoyed working with rescue gundogs, aiming to rehabilitate and re-train them for the shooting field. More recently since moving to the Ribble Valley we provide vermin and deer control on a number on local farms.

Dewayne Cross (Wag)

Hi, my name is Dewayne Cross , but I am known to most people as Wag. I am 40 years old and am a Linconshire man born and bred. I love all country sports but myfirst love and passion is wildfowling, I have pursued the passion of wildfowling all over England, Scotland, Ireland. 90% of my fowling is done on and around the wash both on the foreshore and inland for ducks and geese. 
My love for wildfowling began at the age of 15 by a life long friend and his father a local gun smith who was a 30 year veteran wildfowler himself, after I was taken out for a morning flight on one of our local marshes and I was hooked from that day onwards, but did not start fowling on my own till I joined a club on the wash at the age of 18 and still love it like it was my first time.
I have introduced many people to our great passion of wildfowling and think us as individuals should do more to promote this great passion of wildfowling to the next generation.

I am now working alongside other pro staff team for "Pro Duck and Goose Hunting Supplies" to field test their quality wildfowling products from decoys, calls and clothing in the field for effectiveness and reliability. "Good hunting!"