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BARNIE CALEF Product Catalogue

 Calef Calls was founded by Barnie Calef after winning 3 World Duck Calling Championships. Barnie won those 3 titles with 3 different duck calls and in Barnie’s words “ None of those calls had everything I was looking for so I took the best attributes of each call and combined them into what I consider the best sounding acrylic duck calls on the market”. When I designed “The Shocker” single reed duck call, I wanted a duck call that would do everything including a ringing hail call. When I finished tweaking the design I ended up with a super raspy medium volume acrylic duck call with a crisp feel but has enough “hang” to get quiet and maintain quality duck sounds. The Shocker is the flagship of the Calef Calls line of premier duck calls and it’s popularity among hunters is very gratifying. In fact I get a kick out of guys that insist they can only blow double reeds and they light up when they get great duck sounds out of my single reed duck call. While The Shocker started the line, I also offer an acrylic double reed duck call, called “The Double Curl” and a wood / poly double reed duck call called “The Barn Burner”. Both duck calls are a big hit and budget minded duck hunters really like the Barn Burner’s sound and price. The latest addition to the Calef Calls line is “The Band Hog” which is a short reed Canada goose call. I wanted a goose call that was fast, had great volume, and was a little higher pitched for hunters. The broke in guts give The Band Hog a great low end.


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